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Please read:  Thank you for keeping your portal maintained on a regular basis. By updating your portal, we are able to process and complete work orders more smoothly. Please remember that if you have a delay longer than 7-10 days or if there is a situation that is partially or fully non-covered to please call into Authorization to give an update. In addition, please update your portal record as well. Doing your part helps us all maintain a happy consumer base. Thank you again for working with us and continuing to provide a great service to all of our customers.
Attention Fidelity Portal Vendors:

We are implementing a few new changes to our portal to improve the user-ability and overall efficiency. The changes listed below will be visible on your portal on Wednesday morning, 6/18/14 at around 9 A.M. Please let us know if you have any issues with your portal by either calling your vendor rep or our portal department.
  1. A “Day Counter” is displayed after the work order status on both the service and trip grid. Its purpose is to help organize and show you how many days old a work order is. This column is sortable so you can differentiate between your newer and older work orders. This should help you keep track of your work orders past 20/30 days. Note: the counter starts when the work order was first created, rather than when it was dispatched to you.

  2. The Street Address is now displayed after the work order trade before the city name. This column is also sortable.

  3. The ‘work order declined’ option and the ‘new contractor needed’ option has been removed. If a work order cannot be handled on your end, please call into our dispatch department and let a representative know why you cannot service the call. Note: Please also update your current comment on the portal record stating that the “customer no longer wants service.”

  4. The Scheduling Suspended option has been expanded to the appointment side of the portal. This option is to be used sparingly, i.e., if the customer is out of town and there will be a long gap in service (at least a full business week), or if you are instructed by FNHW to hold off on scheduling a call for any reason until further notice.